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Videos : Live Concerts, MV, Compositions, Vlogs


in different continents

This Link shows Veronica's live Solo Recitals in around the world.


Veronica's Compositions are for solo piano, chamber music, experimental, and for Here

古典創作專輯 遙遠的地方.PNG
Veronica with toy piano.jpg


Veronica is the pioneering pianist in Taiwan to give creative performances/arrangements of Toy Piano. Click Here 


Veronica has been giving creative piano theatre concerts, in collaboration with dancers, poet, painters, theatrical actors.  Click Here 


Creative Musical videos collaborating with video directors.  Click Here 

Veronica London Piano Recital.jpg

Veronica's Vlog of her piano recitals around the world! Click

Veronica Yen Concert Pianist.JPG

Veronica's Teaching Videos based on Russian School method. Link here

Veronica on Cruise blacksea.JPG

Veronica performs with International luxurious cruises around the world. click Here

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