Veronica's Compositions 作曲作品

some works collected in European Fantasy

Self-Portrait in Autumn


Veronica's solo composition in London

Alina's Song 艾麗娜之歌

Veronica's composition for flute and piano, live at 中山堂 2014

Bells of Cathedral教堂鐘聲 

an ensemble composition based on Bach's Prelude, live at 中山堂2014

Ode to Joy Variations/歡樂頌變奏曲 2020創作

Winter night in London 倫敦的冬夜

誠品松菸新書發表會 2013

A Twrinkling Journey 星星貪玩

Composition for 2 pianos with Neil Georgeson for Yvonne Yen's Picture Book