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Toy Piano Compositions and Arrangements/玩具鋼琴創作與改編

since 2012

Sugar Plum Fairy|糖梅仙子之舞(arr.Veronica for piano and toy piano)

Piano Recital in ZhengChou, China 2018

Ravel Empress Pagodas 拉威爾<陶瓷皇后>

Veronica's arrangements for Piano + Toy Piano, Premier in Taiwan Veronica 改編,台灣首演

Toy Piano & Iphone

Crazy Arrangements for 2 new small 'keyboards'!!

Toy Piano Solo

Book Launch Talk in Kaohsiung 2014, performed 'Caldo de Feijão' written by Tiago Videira 比戴拉作曲:豆豆湯

Toy Piano Solo 

Handel's Blacksmith Variations arranged by Veronica 韓德爾:鐵匠變奏曲

2014 台北雅頌坊

CTS TV Interview

2014, Febuary book released Press Conference 2014華視專訪

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