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Veronica 2023

Jan 01~15 Silversea Oceania

As a soloist, Veronica is thrilled to be invited again by the luxury cruise line Silversea to give 2 piano recitals onboard.

Veronica |再次受邀銀海郵輪,大洋洲巡演兩場鋼琴獨奏會

4/09 鋼琴家環遊世界 

Veronica is invited by EP Books to give a musical/voyage talk about her adventures around the world. 


7/19 聽我用音樂說故事。作曲協奏曲首演衛武營音樂廳(完售)

Veronica's Compositions been arranged into piano concerto by Huang Chieh-Yu and performed with KSOYO. 受高市交青少年管弦樂團邀請演出作品<海的幻想>、<英倫四季>鋼琴協奏曲版本,衛武營音樂廳首演(完售)影片即將推出

Feb.14~26 Cunard QM2

Veronica was invited by the British luxurious cruise line Cunard to give 2 recitals at the prestigious Royal Court Theatre. |瑪麗皇后二號首演,皇家宮廷劇院兩場獨奏會。

2023 Online Piano Course

Veronica's Art or piano playing Course is online! Please click here


7/25~30 協奏好好玩音樂營

Veronica founded this concerto summer school for her pupils. 5 Days course and then a concerto performance in Chih-Shen Hall Kaohiusng.|位學生們創造的協奏曲音樂營,參與學生與樂團首演合作,至善廳音樂會。

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