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Piano Theatre / 鋼琴劇場

Collaborations with various art forms

Grieg Mountain King 葛利格


with pictures and inside-the-piano techniques 內部鋼琴技法改編

Saint-Saen <Aquarium> 聖桑<水族館>

2 pianos with Lights, new arrangemnts with Neil Georgeson

Twinkling Journey 星星貪玩

Composition with Neil Georgeson for Picture book by Yvonne Yen 

Arensky <Silhouettes>剪影

2 pianos with lights and dancers 雙鋼琴與舞蹈和燈光

Camille 卡蜜兒

Music by Chopin, a new creative work for Dance and Piano 

Scriabin <Fantasy> 史克里亞賓幻想曲

2 pianos with dancers 雙鋼琴,與舞蹈

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