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Alina Cojocaru is one of the most beloved ballerina in Europe. I adore her poetic gestures and innocent quality. This was my composition while I was a music student in London, and I dedicated it to Alina, the prime ballerina at Royal Ballet then.
The piece was composed as a duo for flute and piano initially, as the tone quality represents her airy expression.
Now I transcribed the piece into piano solo, as a reflection of my journey of pursuing artistic perfection.


艾利娜是歐洲頂尖芭蕾舞團的首席舞者,我著迷於她細膩又詩意的藝術表情。她的出 色,來自於對完美的執著,在孤獨的世界裡不斷琢磨,一次次地越發接近那個理想的境界⋯⋯

艾莉娜之歌,是我學生時代的作品,當時以「長笛+鋼琴」的組合創作,因為長笛的 空靈聲可以描繪艾利娜的輕盈。我將它親自送給了艾利娜,並在倫敦出版了樂譜。 在藝術追求的路上,我們同樣都經歷著孤獨的自我世界,這一次將它改編為鋼琴獨奏版本,也 像是自己的獨白。 Watch the Video

Alina's Song for piano solo by Veronica Yen

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