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Mazurka is a one of Polish national dance, in 3 meters, and with "strong accents unsystematically placed on the second or third beat". Chopin has written numerous Mazurkas, though they are in the dance form, I’m especially drawn by their poetic harmony changes and emotional charge. For me, Chopin’s Mazurka is deeply personal.

In an afternoon, I sat down at the piano and this piece in Cm found me. It’s in 3 time and it recalled the melancholic feelings of Chopin’s Mazurka...


馬祖卡是波蘭的一種三拍子民間舞蹈,18世紀後在歐洲各地盛行,是宮廷貴族舞會中 常見的一種舞蹈。並隨著蕭邦等作曲家的創作,發展成為古典音樂中經典的舞曲風格。

蕭邦的馬祖卡藏著非常細膩的個人情感,曲子短巧卻充滿多層次濃厚的情緒,讓人流 連回味。

一個午後我坐在琴前,在C小調和聲裡,彈出了這首三拍子的小品。它有種哀思,我 也將它稱為馬祖卡。

Watch the Video of Mazurka

Mazurka in Cm 馬祖卡 by Veronica Yen

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